Visions of What Never Was

I have to go, guys. Love you all!!!

My cousin is once again unknowingly lending me his dog (a Bull Mastiff/English Mastiff).

He leaves his dog at my grandmother’s and I spoil the great big baby rotten. I love that dog.

Hey, guys. I’m over at a friend’s house dogsitting, so I am yet again leeching off the library’s wifi.

Can’t stay on for long though because I’ve only got an hour’s worth of charge on this computer and I want to talk to D later.

Figured I’d just drop by and say ‘hi’!

Okay, guys, I gotta go.

Talk to you all later!


♠ | Gjiu. ⇆長休



♠ | Gjiu. ⇆長休

Hello, friends.

I’m currently working with the slowest wifi I have ever had the displeasure of working with.

But here I am.

I’m in Maine now. Sitting in a friend’s driveway leeching off the library’s wifi signal. I have no idea if this is even gonna post but here’s the deal:

I AM NEVER TRAVELING BY BUS AGAIN and if I ever even remotely think it’s a good idea at any point in the future you all are allowed to slap me.

This means we aren’t going home by bus like we planned so instead of just a week we’re here until August 1st.

Oh and we got here and don’t get me wrong it’s great to see the family and all but it was GO GO GO for like two days.

My arms and face are all sunburned and I just want to sleep for days.

But …

My cousin took me up to see her horse, who was gorgeous and a family friend’s cat had kittens like the day we got here and I got to go see them.

Plus my other cousin’s Mastiff has been staying at my grandma’s house so I’ve gotten to cuddle with him and he slept in the bed with me the past couple of nights.

AAAAAAAND I got to see my grandpa’s new dog.

So once things calm down a bit and this sunburn goes away, I’ll probably be able to have a good relaxing time.

*sigh* I miss my reaction pics …

Welp, I’ll be leaving for the bus station in roughly half an hour …

We’ll probably have some internet on the trip across but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get on Tumblr at all. We’ll see.

Anyhow if I don’t get to talk to you all while I’m in Maine:

I’ll see you all in a week!!!!